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Who We Are


2020! What a year! It saw Covid, lockdowns & a world we don't even recognise. Spending time at home with our family & pets is probably the nicest thing that’s happened out of all this. Just being able to take a step back & breathe, was something that we all need from time to time. Realising to not stress over the things that we can't control & focus on what we can. Bringing me to our beautiful dog, Ziggy.
Ziggy is a Staffy & since being at home, we noticed he'd become more prone to skin allergies, such as dermatitis. Ziggy would often scratch himself to the point where he would bleed, leaving the area bald. After a lot of research, we decided to change his diet & remove ingredients that seemed to flare up his allergies. So, we started making our own food & dog biscuits, which he loves!
Introducing Boofhead Bites! Our own hypoallergenic grain-free biscuits. Boofhead Bites is of course affectionately named after our boy Ziggy, due to his enormous boofhead.
We hope you and your fur children love them as much as we do.
Have a splendid day.

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