Itchy or irritated skin anywhere on your dog? Has your dog been licking or scratching at one particular spot repetitively?  Your best friend can’t tell you how annoying his dry nose, paws or hotspots are…lucky for him you’re the best parent ever and you have found the solution.

Boofhead Salvation Dog Balm incorporates a blend of natural, organic waxes, essential oils and plant oils. It has been formulated for the deep healing of all those rough and dry areas on your dog –


Ideal for –

Hot-Spots & Areas of Irritation


Dry or Cracked paws, Noses & Elbows

Healing Scars 




Calenula oil, Hemp oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E oil, Lavender essential oil, Helictyum oil, Patcholli oil.


Storage: Store out of direct sunlight and heat. Best kept in refrigerator

Salvation Dog Balm

30 Grams
  • Apply generously to affected areas. Gently massage until absorbed. Repeat as necessary. We recommend applying it on just before bedtime.


    Boofhead Bites makes only natural products. Our product will still work if your dog licks it. We do recommend distracting your dog with a pat, some treats or a toy for a 2-3 minutes to allow the balm to completely absorb into the skin. Alternatively, try putting baby socks on your pup after you have applied the balm to allow a few minutes for the maximum absorption of natural ingredients.

    Disclaimer: Some pets may have senativities or allergies to esential oils. always test before use. If reaction occurs stop use and seek vet advice.