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Bully Bites/Sticks

Bully Bites/Sticks


Boofhead Bites Bully Bites/Sticks Dog Treat are bites that don't hurt!

Grain free, all natural treat for puppies and seniors made from quality Australian ingredients. 


    Bully bites/sticks are a healthy, highly-digestible chew treat that breaks down easily in your puppy’s stomach. Bully sticks are actually beef muscle and are extremely high in protein and low in fat—offering a natural chew that supports the needs of your puppy’s growing body. Chewing on bully sticks/bites will not only occupy and delight your puppy for extended time spans, but because they also provide all of the essential amino acids a dog needs, it will support the growth of muscles, skin, coat and brain, too.

    Bully bites/sticks are also good for your dog's oral health. Chewing on bully bites/sticks provides a natural way to remove the biofilm that appears in the mouth and eventually turns to plaque if not removed. By keeping plaque at bay, you are proactively preventing gum disease too! Finally, chewing encourages saliva that is rich in lysozyme and keeps oral pathogens (bad bacteria) in check.

  • Extra Information

    Ingredients: 100% Beef

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

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